Peaceful Civil Disobedience


America was founded by major acts of violent and bloody civil disobedience, and some of its greatest people, such as Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. advanced America by peacefully disobeying unjust laws. 

While we do not encourage violent civil disobedience it is mentioned to contrast the encouraged form of peaceful civil disobedience.

Drug policy reform, as it pertains to spiritual sacraments, should not, only, come about as a result of bland legislation, as the government is not worthy to serve as the sole entity who decides whether to give these sacred rights and rites back to the people. The change must, also and mainly, come from within the people. The people must reclaim and take a stand for their God-given rights by practicing the American virtue of standing for what is just, right, and true through acts of peaceful civil disobedience.

Judicial System Reform: Court of Morality


Man's law does not determine right and wrong in all situations. The current judicial system, often, serves the rulers, private interests, and the 1% more than it serves the people. To restore and enhance America's core values a Court of Morality must be implemented to decide justly on cases pertaining to certain moral or Constitutional issues. This would not replace the current Court of Law, it would work alongside it. 

Citizens fear doing the right thing because the law does not always support it, with a Court of Morality the people may contribute to healing and advancing this nation by doing the right thing today, not tomorrow. 

This reform is, also, needed to ensure people who are not Caucasian, or who are not financially wealthy receive fair and just rulings, as there is an imbalance between the sentencing of wealthy Caucasians and those who are not. 

Police for the People


Currently, law enforcement officers are sworn to follow orders and the law handed down to them without question and regardless of whether it is right or wrong. This represents a sworn allegiance to the state and not the people. If the people are paying police officers then we need them to swear allegiance to us not a different entity.

To ensure the people have a militant force sworn to protect them and not private interests, the oath that LEOs take must be amended to include that they must question if what they are enforcing is serving the people or the rulers of the people, and that they will protect the people from government corruption and unjust laws when evidence of such presents itself.

Advancements in officer training will ensure they have a greater capability to discern between what serves the people and what serves the state.

This will improve relations, trust, and respect between the police and the people, boost morale in communities, and restore dignity and the true meaning to the motto "to protect and serve." 

School Terrorism, Psychiatric Drugs, & School Shootings


Gun Control

There is ample evidence of corruption within the government and ample evidence that the mental health system is failing the needs of our nation and those who enter it for help.

Before Americans agree to disarm themselves to ANY degree, the government must prove itself capable of functioning in a logical fashion that serves the interests of the people, the planet, all the generations to come, and all the creatures we share the planet with. 

Americans must maintain the ability to protect themselves from their own government should the need ever exist. If the people have less guns then there must be a new branch of the military or police, or an existing one reformed and designated for the sole purpose of protecting the people from the government should the need arise, or if determined by the people's vote.

If we support banning guns, but we are not as passionate about banning sugar which injures, kills, and deforms millions of more Americans than guns do, then our noble virtue to protect people is being guided by either our base emotions, or the media and private interests, and our most sacred gift of free will and conscience manipulated as we walk ourselves right into a horrifying Orwellian system that's worse than any experienced thus far.

Let's invest into the people to the extent that each person is physically, mentally, and spiritually thriving and knows how to get along with one another despite any differences, and consider technologies that are proven to decrease crime, dissolve barriers between people, and increase one's compassion for their fellow man.

The Drug War: A New Strategy

Enhanced Care and Benefits for Seniors and the Elderly

The sacred tradition of caring for one's parents as they age should extend to how America views and treats its own Seniors and Elderly citizens.

Invest in the People

Public School Diet Improvement

Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Epidemic, Drug Addiction, Drug War, Veterans

A biological WMD (weapon of mass destruction) is being protected by American soldiers in Afghanistan, while access to the antidote is blocked by the same government giving the soldiers their orders.

About 50,000 Americans die every year due to to the opioid epidemic. It only took 3,000 deaths on 9/11 for America to start a war and invade Iraq and Afghanistan. 

When America invaded Afghanistan it produced only 3% of the world opium supply, now it produces over 90% of the world opium supply. When government corruption such as this presents itself, civil disobedience becomes a moral and American responsibility for citizens and soldiers.

Crime and Poverty


The people immigrating here are human beings, our brothers and sisters, with feelings and emotions, and deserve nurture and opportunity, not misery and hopelessness.

I have a plan that can provide immigrants with proper housing, healthy food, great opportunity, and work that honors their heritage and contributes to American society.  

Active Duty Military and Veterans

Afghanistan, Opium, CIA

Currently, the same soldiers who are put on  mind-altering and soul-killing psychiatric drugs risk demotion, decrease in pay, or even jail time for utilizing natural sacraments that are healthy and wholesome for their mind and spirit. 

Countless veterans have provided testimony and evidence that natural sacraments helped them attain peace and spiritual direction after life in the military, yet veterans still must break the law and risk going to prison just to access these sacred God-given gifts.

Prison System Reform & Recidivism

Mental Health System Reform

Climate Change

Regardless of whether you believe climate change is a hoax or whether you believe the thousands of scientists warning us, it is evident that we are polluting Earth and ruining air, water, soil, and food quality around the globe. Just as we go to the doctor from time to time, it is time we take our beautiful planet to the doctor and invest into its rehabilitation, or it will continue to attempt rehabilitating itself in ways that we find disastrous.

Yes, natural disasters may always occur from time to time, but why not attempt a new approach at this. To see if investing into the welfare of the planet and treating it as if it were a living organism in need of care could decrease natural disasters and decrease health epidemics in humans seems like a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor to me.

Abortion: A Woman's Right

Yes, a dreadful and ghastly aspect of reality is the need to sometimes end a life in order to serve the greater good, but it is a true part of this reality that everyone supports already by accepting police and the military and all of the established institutions that kill people in order to serve the greater good. Why would we extend that right to testosterone-fueled institutions, but not to a woman in need of her right to make a sacred choice concerning her own body's creation? In addition, the people who vote on such a matter should be at the very least 50% women, not 95% men and 5% women.

By investing in the people we can decrease the need for abortions in a way that offers a long-term solution to a long-time problem. Nobody wants to see abortions happen, and strategies to prevent the need for them in the first place is what should be implemented.

The Inquisition's Effect on America and Mexico, and How to Overcome It